Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024


Our brother Kaffaalee Tufaa wrote on his Facebook Page last night that he was going to commit suicide this morning. Many of us thought it was a lie or his account was stolen. But really When he took the weapon to kill himself this morning a brother ran to him and saved his life What is the main reason this brother decided to commit suicide? Our brothers Pastor Dendena Merga, Eebbisaa Baayisaa and Girmaa Magarsaa went to Pastor Kaffaaloo’s house this morning to ask about him. They also asked why he caused this Problem.According to their idea, “  Thank God there is some stability. He explained his motives. We gave him the necessary advice and prayed for him and he repented and we left each other with the other brothers and sisters.

However, many of the issues going on  social media related to his wife are far from the truth.

There was undeniably a minor conflict between them but it was the problems that made our brother think of doing bad things to himself that brought them together but as it is now being said that she was not the whole reason it would be better if the focus was on a root cause between his family,” he said

Source: Pastor Dendena Merga’s Facebook Page

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