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Someone can love you or hate you for no reason. It is especially important to try to correct yourself if people hate you. Someone who hates you will not always tell you because he hates you. But you should try to find out the reason as much as you can. Especially when you are trying to figure out the reasons, you can look at yourself first and ask yourself what I have done wrong that someone hates me/ is pointing fingers at me instead of taking a negative approach ( the opposite way) or pointing fingers at someone else ( outward looking) you should be able to. It is not only ignorance to just get up and point fingers at someone else without looking at the problem with yourself but it is a disease of selfishness and superiority complex. If people hate you, analyze the following reasons carefully :-

1. If your comments Violate Public Morality

2. When you are better than others and those people cannot reach you, they hate you

 3. If you always stand up and boast that you are the winner;

4. To see me morning and evening if you say and do everything that comes to your tongue and mind;

5. If you go up and down to show that your life today is better than theirs by pretending that you have never lived a life of misery and poverty, that you have never seen hunger and thirst;

 6. If you underestimate someone else’s because you think you have someone to hope for and rely on;

7. If you claim to be self-confident and cross someone else’s boundaries as you please;

8. If you are not willing and motivated to see your own shortcomings but the shortcomings of others. If you can’t imagine that there might be a problem with me;

9. When you look at yourself above all else;

10. If the words you often use are disrespectful to human beings, inconsistent with the customs and morals of the people;

 11. If you take out everything you have and they tire you out.

12. If you put others down and pretend to be only yourself a scholar and intellectual. If you boast that the nation and the country have no other scholar than you;

13. If you go up your own morning and evening for whoever is better than me;

14. If you focus only on talking about and exposing other people’s shortcomings instead of your own, and so on.

So these and other things make you hate someone. Therefore, we are all expected to try to live in love with everyone as much as possible.

Source: Hawi Aanoles

By alexoo

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