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I think the following are some of the things that make prophets prophesy falsely. The following Five Reasons are Some of the reasons why Prophets prophecy False Prophecy

  1. Predicting one’s own desires.
A good example in our Bible is the false prophet Ananias. Hananiah in Jeremiah 28:1-4 Not what God told him but his own desires, and the desires of the people and the desires of the Rulers as if God had spoken to him, God I will break the power of the king of Babylon, Within two years the vessels of the temple, which I will bring back all the goods that Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon took from this place and carried away to Babylon. he said, and he spoke. The desire of Hananiah and the kings of Judah is that the nation be freed soon. But God's plan is that the Jews will be given into the hands of the Babylonians for Seventy(70) Years. Even today prophets speak of their own free will without God telling them, and after speaking they want God to show them to be what they say. This seems like some kind of command to God. But God does not agree because it is not governed by human will. As a result, their message will be false.
2.      They add to what they heard from God
Not just saying what they see makes you a liar. The example in the Bible is the Prophet Agabus. Agabus said this when he spoke of Paul's message. The Holy Spirit told me that the Jews in Jerusalem would bind the owner of this sabbath and hand him over to the Gentiles. "Acts 21:11" Notice that the prophet Agabus did not say whether Paul should go or not when he spoke this message. If it were the prophets of our day, I doubt that God would say that they should not go themselves because they thought that God wanted Paul not to go if he was not arrested. This is an addition. Adding to it makes you a liar.
3.      Giving description for what they see by their imagination. Prophecy is a spiritual gift. Spiritual gifts are led by the Holy Spirit. So only God shows visions and knows the meaning of the visions. Let’s look at this verse
Revelation 7:13-14 And one of the elders answered, saying unto me, What are these which are arrayed in white robes? and whence came they? he asked me, smirking. And I said, "My Lord, you "know!"
he replied to her. Notice in this passage John replied that you know. But who are these men in white robes ? if asked, I doubt they would say they are Irregular People. Or I doubt it is the Orthodox who say that the Bethany is going. The answer is that you must know this. Guessing and interpreting it for yourself makes you a false prophet
4.      Being sorry for people
One day a family called people to pray for their sick child. When they arrived, the family was very distressed. After a little prayer, a prophet arose and prophesied that their child would be healed. But the baby died. You didn't say she would be healed, how did the baby die ? they asked the scientists. He replied that God did not tell me but I said let them be comforted because I am sorry for the guys. My brothers and sisters! No one is more compassionate than God which makes one a false prophet.
5.      Not to mention the day they saw the vision
Instead of talking about the day they saw the vision, talking about what they saw today on another day has its own problems. For example, suppose today God says this about me. Suppose he told the prophet about me that if you continue to live for me, you will be blessed. And if the prophet comes in without telling me and tells me anew what God told him today when we meet in two months This is a lie. Because only God knows what I have been going through in these two months. So even a message like this makes you a liar. In general, I think it is good for the quality of the prophetic ministry to avoid these things. Thank you
Source: Aqnaw Dhima

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