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Last week, an evangelical pastor who had been in prison for 10 years died of illness in hospital but remained unburied for more than 10 days, family members said.

His name is PastorTasfayi Siyyum. He passed away on April 9,2023 after 10 years in prison. The pastor passed away due to an illness he suffered two months ago after being released from prison for treatment. The pastor has not been buried 10 days since his death. Pastor Michael, a minister of Christ Palace Church in Ethiopia, said Pastor Tasfay Siyyum is one of the founders of the church in Eritrea, although the pastor spent more than 10 years in prison in Eritrea.

The pastor’s family, who are deeply saddened by the lack of a funeral, said they have spoken to Eritrean security officials but no solution has been found.

Source:BBC Afaan Oromo

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